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Kefalonia is one of the most popular destinations of the Ionian Islands and the biggest island of the group. Kefalonia is part of the group of islands known as the Ionian Islands. It is also the largest of the group with a 781 square kilometres surface and a coastline of 254 kilometres. The prefecture of Kefalonia also includes the islands of Ithaca, Kastos and Kalamos. The island is located between Lefkada, in the north, and Zakynthos, in the south and has a population of almost 45.000 inhabitants who are mostly gathered in the island's capital and main port, Argostoli. Their main occupations and source of income are agriculture, fishing and tourism. Many fruitful plains, amazing lakes and rivers, caves, thick and verdant forests and wonderful beaches with golden sand and crystalline waters embellish the island. The purchase of a property in Kefalonia is an accomplishment of a dream. Valliannos Esate Agent in Kefalonia offers a variety of plots and properties in Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is also the place where the archaeologists recently succeeded in digging up a Roman era grave yard. The archaeologists dug out roughly 2000 years old five grave sites, which had stone coffins, gold ornaments and bronze coins, apart from several other artifacts, to be spoken about. To top it all, the coffin stones opened up swiftly, hence showcasing the ancient Greek craftsmanship. It was immediately categorized by the archaeologists as the most significant discovery that was made in the history of the Ionian Islands ever. They also found a highly preserved theater next to the grave sites, which carried some intact metal parts of the seating area even after the passage of so much time.

Kefalonia is an island that impresses every visitor with its unseen natural beauties, historic monuments and hospitality of residents. In general, residents of Kefalonia, distinguish for their liveliness and friendly feelings. Their culture, as in all Ionian Islands, is influenced by Venetians, the conquerors of all Ionian Islands for a long time. Music and dance are inextricable parts of their life, while their hospitality is exemplary. The island's tourist infrastructures get better and better every year. Kefalonia has evolved to a high standard tourist resort. Thousands of visitors visit the island every year in order to know its natural beauties and mysteries. Deciding to buy a home is a big step in anyone's life, for this reason we are here to provide you the most reliable services in the area of property in Kefalonia.

With the Greek real estate witnessing an upswing in the post- 2004 Olympic Games, the market for Kefalonia property has also been picking up due to the salient tourism points we described above. As a result, there is a greater rush for buying holiday villas and private apartments in Kefalonia today and the bulk of these buyers are coming out from the non-Greek territories like the UK and Germany, two of the world's most travel friendly nations.

Vallianos Agent provides reliable services in the area of property in Kefalonia.